Man Climbing Telegraph Pole in the Middle of the Night Doing Sit-ups Caused Power Outages in Tens of Thousands of Households| Apple News Network| Apple Daily-Taiwan Apple Daily

  1. Man climbs a telephone pole in the middle of the night to do sit-ups, causing power outages in tens of thousands of households | Apple News | Apple Daily Taiwan Apple Daily
  2. Chengdu man doing sit-ups on a 10-meter high pole causes power outages in tens of thousands Yahoo News
  3. Strange man climbs a 10-meter electric pole to do sit-ups ETtoday News Cloud
  4. Freak climbed a telephone pole to do sit-ups, causing power outages for more than 10,000 residents UDN United News Network
  5. The whole city is “his gym!” The man climbs the telephone pole to do sit-ups…more than 10,000 people have no electricity for 2 hours Yahoo News
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