Man dies after losing control of his vehicle and crashing under the cab of a truck at the Blaton bypass

“I was the first to arrive on site, the accident had just happened, I stopped directly to help,” said a witness to the accident on the N506, at the Blaton bypass, in Bernissart, a road which allows you to leave the E42 to join the industrial park of Péruwelz. The emergency services dispatched two ambulances to the scene. “But when we arrived there was nothing more to do. A man aged between 65 and 70 lost his life, ”explained Lieutenant José Recuero. This man was driving a Peugeot Partner style pickup truck. “He lost control of his vehicle on the turn and went into the cab of a thirty-ton semi-trailer.”

The witness did not see the impact but explained that it was very noisy. “A local resident came to the scene very quickly after hearing the noise. I called 112 and there was also a paramedic with us who was there quite by accident. It was he who ascertained the death of this person. The truck driver has nothing. We picked up the many tools that littered the ground while waiting for help ”.


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