Man lived 23 years without knowing he had HIV

The man – identified as John Doe, a fictitious name to protect his privacy – tested positive, but He completely ignored it for 25 years because the doctors didn’t warn him, informó ABC News.

The standards state that doctors (US government workers) had to notify you of the result; however, “in clear contravention of the standard of care, Mr. Doe was not informed of the positive test for HIV,” the lawsuit says, cited by the newspaper.

The media noted that the Department of Veterans Affairs was in charge of Doe, after he suffered an accident in 1976 on a warship that left him with physical and mental injuries, ABC reported.

According to the same medium, in September 2018, the man discovered he had HIV for more than 20 years thanks to an emergency medical visit to a hospital that is not related to that department.

Chad McGowan, the veteran’s attorney, told the newspaper that his client suffered pain in the muscles and joints without being treated properly due to lack of diagnosis; He also stated that Doe feels “extremely guilty” for the girlfriends he’s had in recent years.


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