Man sentenced to leave Haugesund

In addition to the expulsion and reverse violence alarm, the man has been sentenced to serve 50 days in prison, Haugesunds Avis reports.

The area the man is not allowed to stay in for the next year includes the entire Haugesund municipality and extends south to Åkrehamn, north to Sveio center and east to Skjold and large parts of Tysvær municipality.

The man broke the contact ban against the ex-wife by sending her messages. The break-up took place just 46 days after the 43-year-old was sentenced in August to a three-year contact ban against his ex-wife.

In Haugaland District Court, the 43-year-old said that he has no respect for the visit and contact ban he has been sentenced to. He disagrees with the verdict from August and said outright that the contact ban is not enough to prevent him from contacting his ex-wife, according to the court report in Haugesunds Avis.

“Electronic control is the last opportunity to ensure that the contact ban is complied with, and the benefits such control has for victims significantly exceed the disadvantages the control has for the accused,” the unanimous verdict states.

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