Man who fought with Messi in Bolivia spoke of misunderstanding

Argentina beat Bolivia 2-1 on the second round of the Qualifiers to the World Cup and when the game was over a brawl caused by several Bolivian players who were irritated by the bad result they had.

In the bubble, the verbal discussion he had attracted attention Lionel Messi with an assistant from the Altiplano team. In fact, the captain of the albiceleste painting was seen yelling at him: “Your mother’s shell. What’s wrong with you, pelado? From the bench you were screaming the whole game ”.

The “pelado” who had the crossing with Messi was Lucas Nava, an Argentine who works for the Bolivian national team and spoke with the program ‘Sports Blog’, from Blu Radio ‘, about what happened.

“When I saw what was happening in the game, I tried to separate, in that attempt a misunderstanding was generated (…) He would be unable to fight with Leo. As an Argentinian, I admire him”Declared the physical trainer who took the worst part of the brawl that striker Marcelo Martins started by shouting expletives at the Argentine players.

“It could have happened that someone else shouted and he thought (Messi) that it was me and he grabbed her with me. They are party things, I do not take it badly, nor as an offense“Nava added, dismissing any controversy with the idol of his country.

Finally, the assistant made it clear how much he admires the ’10’. “I was unlucky that the discussion was with the number one, which everyone admires and the one who does not, is because he does not understand any of this”, He concluded. This is the video of the discussion he had with Messi:


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