Man with auto brewery syndrome acquitted of drunk driving | NOW

A man from Huissen was acquitted by the police judge on Monday of drink-driving because he suffers from the auto-brewery syndrome, in which sugar is converted into alcohol in the body.

The 34-year-old man ended up on the wrong side of the Ir. Molsweg in Huissen. In doing so, he hit two oncoming traffic. The oncoming traffic only had damage to the eyes, but the man himself was injured.

A blood test showed that the man had a blood alcohol level of 2.34, while experienced drivers are allowed only a blood alcohol level of 0.5. The man swore to the police that he had not drunk alcohol.

After the results of the blood test, the man went to the doctor, who referred him to the hospital. It was found there that the man suffers from auto-brewery syndrome, a rare syndrome that converts sugars from carbohydrates in the body to alcohol. With medication and cutting out carbohydrates, the man can prevent his body from producing alcohol.

The court therefore finds it impossible to prove whether the man got behind the wheel after taking alcohol and therefore exempts him from drunk driving.


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