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Management of Covid cases at school in Puglia, the ‘Scuole diffuse’ committee against the Region

“The protocol for the management of Covid cases in the school environment of the Puglia Region is different from the provisions of national law and the ministerial circulars”. This is supported by the coordination ‘The School we want – Scuole diffuse in Puglia’, which in a note announces that in the past few hours it has sent a pec addressed to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, to the Ministries of Education and Health, to the Undersecretaries of ‘Education, to the Presidency of the Puglia Region, to the USR Puglia management, to the Director of the Puglia Health and Wellness Area, to report “serious discrepancies” identified.

The reference is to the provision released by the Region on January 14th, which establishes the procedures to be followed in the event of positive Covid cases ascertained at school. In particular, one of the disputed points concerns teachers who had positive results at Covid: the ministerial protocol – highlights the coordination – would refer to the “class group” understood as made up of students, while the Puglia Region would also include teachers, thus causing – according to the committee – a mismatch in the criteria that, for example, in primary school determine the use of Dad.

In addition, “it was highlighted – explains the coordination note – the illegality of the request, in” Annex B “of the regional document, to specify in detail the” family reasons “for any absences of students from the School not attributable to reasons of health since this request contravenes the Privacy Law “. Again, the fact is disputed that “Mayors are provided with the parameters for assessing epidemiological risks only on the basis of the Rt index and contagion limit without mentioning the number of hospitalizations in the medical and intensive area, thus attributing relevance to elements that of national monitoring, aimed at the formation of “color zones”, are not currently considered significant (see for example the Rt indicator) “.

“In this regard – concludes the coordination – we underline that the Puglia region is still in the white range and that the percentage of vaccinated minors is among the highest in Europe with a percentage of 90% in the 12/19 age bracket and over 30% in the 5/11 age bracket; in light of such a response from families who have placed their trust in the vaccination campaign and all institutions in order to be able to effectively guarantee their children the right to education also in consideration of the percentage among the highest in Italy of teachers of all types of schools who have received the booster dose, we do not understand why, after two years, the School in attendance, the only institution dedicated to guaranteeing the right to education for everyone is still today in this region so opposed also in consideration of the rate of school dropout practically doubled in the last year, of the disheartening INVALSI results and above all of the increasingly fr and equal episodes of severe mental illness among minors “.


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