Manchester 1-0 Copenhagen. United today begged for Raúl Jiménez

RheinEnergie Stadium, Germany /

Although he owned the Quarterfinal match against Copenhagen, Manchester United needed overtime to advance to the Europa League Semifinal, since a pair of posts, two goals and a penalty canceled, in addition to a spectacular performance by Karl-Johan Johnsson They took the match to the extension, until the Devils won 1-0.

It was until 94 ‘that a penalty was scored in favor of the Manchester, with its good dose of controversy, because a minimal contact on Anthony Martial of central Bjelland was pointed out and without review in the VAR. Bruno Fernandes convirtió and only then they could against the Danish wall of Johnsson.

Justice for those who dominated the match, although Copenhagen did not score a miracle at 17 ‘, since in a series of rebounds inside the area they failed to push the ball into the nets. At 21 ‘came a penalty in favor of United, but it was annulled by the VAR for a previous out of place.

Before going to rest, a goal was disallowed for the Red Devils when Mason Greenwood had defined by the base of the post, but in the play that led to that goal there was an offside of Marcus Rashford.

The game resumed at 56 ‘, another goal to the English was annulled after a contact from Greenwood that sent the ball to the post and on the rebound Rashord scored, but in an advanced position. What was the last straw for the Reds is that another post appeared at 63 ‘in an impact from Bruno Fernandes.

At 66 ‘there was a very clear one for Copenhagen After Rasmus Falk’s play in the area, Costa Rican Brian Oviedo arrived at the second post to hit the ball, but a defender’s sweep covered what could be the historic goal of the Danes, who after that saw their goalkeeper Johnsson become giant and surely open the eyes of some clubs in Europe, but he could no longer take the penalty in overtime.


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