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Manchester United, coach to hold individual meeting after seeing signs of team split

[골닷컴] Reporter Man-seong Han = It has only been a month since coach Ralph Langnick took over as interim manager of Manchester United. However, news broke that more and more players were dissatisfied with the club’s situation.

Coach Rangnick signed a six-month temporary contract with Manchester United, who changed his managerial position at the beginning of last month. He agreed to take on the role of the club’s technical advisor from the next season, after rectifying the sluggish team situation by the end of the season. However, neither Manchester United nor coach Rangnick have been able to explain in detail what exactly he will do as an advisor from this summer. In the midst of this, Manchester United sacked manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and appointed Rangnick, but performance and performance still do not live up to expectations. In particular, Manchester United lost 1-0 to Wolverhampton at home on the 4th.

There are reports that several Manchester United players are dissatisfied with coach Rangnick’s tactics and team atmosphere. Manchester United side defender Luke Shaw even told reporters: “We didn’t come together as a team” after United suffered a 0-1 loss at home to Wolverhampton. This is the reason why Manchester United’s internal conflict theory is convincing.

According to the report of the English daily ‘Daily Mail’ on the 6th (Korean time), coach Rangnick ordered coach Mike Phelan to proceed with the meeting after grasping the signs of internal division in the squad. “Man Utd decided to find a solution right now. One of these is the role of coach Phelan. Coach Rangnick personally asked Coach Phelan to hold a meeting with the entire team and individual players. Phelan is a former manager Alex Ferguson and head coach in the Solskjaer system, and has earned the respect of players. Coach Rangnick sensed a negative team atmosphere after meeting with some players.”

In fact, Manchester United striker Anthony Marshall recently spoke with manager Rangnick about his desire to leave the team this winter. In addition, Manchester United’s contracts with Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard expire in June when the season ends. Both players are passive about renewing their contract with Manchester United. According to local media, Pogba and Lingard are expected to move on as free agents this summer. If Pogba and Lingard leave the team at this rate, Manchester United, who cannot pay the transfer fee, will suffer a great loss.

Meanwhile, Marshall, who has already requested a transfer from the club, is pursuing a loan transfer to Sevilla this winter.


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