Home Sport Manchester United delivered the transfer shot to Declan Rice while David Moyes aims the midfielder for the West Ham captain

Manchester United delivered the transfer shot to Declan Rice while David Moyes aims the midfielder for the West Ham captain

by drbyos

Manchester United target Declan Rice was given to become a future West Ham captain by manager David Moyes.

The 21-year-old is one of several players on the wish list for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s summer move as he continues to amaze during what has been a frustrating campaign for West Ham.

Rice has improved dramatically since Moyes managed England during his first West Ham spell and the former United manager is confident that Rice will miss the Irons in the future.

“Declan will become a future captain of West Ham, no doubt about it,” said Moyes Sky Sports.

“I have seen great improvements since I left. He is now someone who is physically much better: he is much faster, much stronger. And he has a better understanding.

“I think he is learning the managerial side with Mark Noble. He was a quiet boy when I first came to the club, but he is developing a good personality. He has many things to do better, but as a boy he is doing it very well, so many young guys these days are trying to be improved by the coaches, but quite often it is your personal development as a player. You have to develop yourself, you have to understand, you have to collect things very quickly and not always rely on your coaches as a guide.

“Many of the great players have joined a team and have had to find their way of doing things. Declan is doing it himself. He is developing on his own – and he is doing a lot of things that show why he is joining the teams. Gareth Southgate in England. “

The addition of Bruno Fernandes to United’s midfield has already led to a marked improvement and another addition in the summer could totally revitalize United in midfield.

Solskjaer was praised for Fernandes following his victory over Watford and talked about how business was done by landing the star in January.

“It is now here and it is one of the pieces that we are trying to put together,” said Solskjaer. “It is a big and important piece when we get to the end of the field.

“We spent with Harry (Maguire) and Aaron (Wan-Bissaka) and now we have nailed the No10.

“He is a box-to-box midfielder. He can do anything a midfielder can do. Some games will play in two, others in an offensive midfield, others like 10.

“In today’s market I think we’ve got good deals. It has come and done really well and has given everyone a boost. It means much more than involving a player. Fans are used to players with that personality, mentality and quality.”


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