Manchester United wins overtime and enters UEFA Europa League semi-finals – Football

“United” played a draw 0: 0 (0: 0) against the Danish club “Kobenhavn” in the regular time, but in the extra time they sold a “pendulum”, winning the match with 1: 0.

Manchester footballers constantly threatened the safety of the Danish goal during the match, but many times the Copenhagen team was saved by goalkeeper Karl Juhan Jonson. At the end of the first half, Mason Greenwood scored the ball for Kobenhavn, but the result remained the same due to the back.

The regular time ended without a draw, so the fight continued in overtime. The only time Jonsons captained the game in the 94th minute, when Brunu Fernandes was penalized in the penalty area after a Danish violation.

So far, the only Danish team to have played in the semi-finals of Europe’s second strongest club tournament is Brondby, which reached the top four in the UEFA Cup in 1991. It is significant that “Kobenhavn” this season was the opponent of the Latvian champion “Riga” in the UEFA European League qualification “play-off” round, and there was not much to prevent the Danish team from entering the group tournament.

Meanwhile, Milan’s Inter in Düsseldorf beat Leverkusen’s Bayer 2: 1 (2: 1).

After 15 minutes, Milan were awarded a penalty that Nikolo Barella turned into 3 – 0 without a problem. Six minutes later, Romelu Lukaku successfully fought again in the penalty area, who rolled the ball into the goal and reached 2: 0.

A little later, in the 24th minute, Kaj Havercs recovered a goal from a close distance, but in the remaining more than an hour the result of the game did not change, and “Inter” celebrated the victory.

Two more quarter-finals are scheduled for Tuesday in Duisburg (Wolverhampton’s “Wanderers” – “Seville”) and Gelsenkirchen (Donetsk “” Shahtar “-” Basel “), but the semi-finals are scheduled for August 16 and 17.

The final in Cologne is expected on August 21.

Last year, Arsenal defeated Arelsal 4: 1 in a duel between two London clubs in the UEFA European League final.

In the European League this season, the final was to take place in Gdansk, but now the Poles will play the match next year. Two years later, the final is scheduled for Seville, and in 2023 – in Budapest.


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