Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Manny Machado called Kobe and LeBron at his first Dodgers press conference

The new Dodger Manny Machado has definitely convinced some new fans in Los Angeles with his introductory press conference on Friday. While explaining why he decided to pick a new jersey number 8, he reveals that although he grew up for the Miami Heat, he was always a big fan of Kobe Bryant and that he also loves LeBron James. [196592002] Baltimore fans may have hoped that Machado would vote # 8 because it was the Hall of Famers number that wore Cal Ripken Jr. and retired from the Orioles, but that's not the case. Machado said (about the Dodgers Highlights video from the Presser):

"No, No. 8, I wanted to change, new start, new trip, new team, so I wanted to go that route, and me There must be an athlete out there … Huge Kobe fan who grows up, the dog's name is Kobe, so that had something to do with it, along with the new beginning. "

Then someone said they had heard of Machado a heat fan, while his wife was a Lakers fan. The four-time All-Star responded:

"Yeah, but I always rooted for Kobe, who did not root for Kobe, I like Kobe, I was not a Laker fan right now, you have to be root for your home team "Always Miami. D-Wade will always be part of my life, but Lakers."

And when asked about James, who won two titles with The Heat and joined the Lakers, he said:

" LeBron, that's another key, I love LeBron, I'm a big LeBron fan. "[194559003]

There are many Dodgers fans out there who use the Fact that Machado likes the Lakers – and the fact that he said nothing about the Clippers (the Dodgers fans like to booe).

Finally, here's Machado's adorable dog, Kobe:

Manny Machado thanks the Orioles fans: & # 39; You're in my heart forever! & # 39;

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