Mansour Faye holds up an audio recording –

Minister Mansour Faye shows his teeth. After a first spade launched at the leader of Pastef Ousmane Sonko, on the alleged request for an audience with the President of the Republic Macky Sall, the brother-in-law of the Head of State split a press release during a press briefing this Friday, to reiterate his accusations by keeping ultimate proof under the elbow.

Ousmane Sonko was quick to make a salty reply following the accusations of the Minister in charge of Community Development and Social and Territorial Equity, Mansour Faye. The latter, facing the press, from the start of his remarks, pronounced on his intentions to report to the various control bodies: “This meeting with the press follows a virulent exit from Sonko who uttered insults that my education does not allow me. In my day-to-day management, I always have the idea of ​​reporting to the various control bodies and to the Senegalese. ”, Minimizes Mansour Faye.
Coming back to Sonko who denied the audience, which was the subject of heated debate, the mayor of Saint-Louis also reveals that this hearing did indeed take place in the premises of the General Delegation for Social Protection and National Solidarity, in front of senior state officials.
For the moment, Mansour Faye says he is not going into the details of this meeting. Consequently, he asks the leader of the Pastef to give him the authorization to make available to the press the sound element that exists and which can serve as proof. ”

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