Manual how to apply for extended nursing. When will your money be paid out?

Within emergency measures announced by the government, schools were closed again from 14 October 2020. In the coming days, a proposal for the so-called crisis nursing. According to the proposal, parents will be able to take turns in caring for their children without restrictions, as was the case during the spring months.

The adjustment provides for a nursing allowance in the amount of 60% of the daily assessment basis, which is to be at the same time in the minimum amount of CZK 400 per day, for the entire period of validity of the emergency measures.

An employee who is unable to perform work at work due to nursing / care for:

  • a child under 10 years of age
  • dependent children attending school dependent on the care of another person (from grade I onwards) without age restrictions,
  • persons over 10 years of age dependent on the care of another person using the services of day, weekly hospitals and similar facilities,
  • children who cannot attend school due to family quarantine regulations.

Under the above conditions, persons working for an agreement on the performance of work or on work activities will also be entitled to nursing allowances if social insurance is paid for them.

How to do it?

Parents who will have to stay at home with their children must first inform the employer by default, eg by phone, e-mail, etc., about the emergence of an obstacle to work on the part of the employee, which needs childcare due to school closures and similar device. Due to the planned amendment to the law, it will not be necessary to apply for a certificate of closure of a school or educational facility issued and document it.

In order to claim nursing allowance, parents will submit an application for nursing allowance to their employer due to the closure of the school facility after the end of the calendar month (or after the end of care during the month). The Czech Social Security Administration is preparing a new, simpler application form, which will be available on the CSSA ePortal. The declaration on the closure of the school (children’s facility), including the time of closure, will be part of the application, which will be filled in by the employee himself. He then fills in the days on which he took care of the child on the same form.

He shall forward the completed application to his employer, who shall complete his records. The employer then converts the application for nursing allowance into electronic form and sends it to the relevant district social security administration. As in the spring months, the nursing allowance will be processed and paid for the previous previous calendar month.

When will the nursing allowance be paid?

The nursing allowance is paid by the district social security administration no later than 1 month following the day on which the duly completed documents were delivered by the employer to the district social security administration. Please note that any applications on existing forms are premature and will not ensure earlier payment of the benefit. Benefits will be paid by the DSSA only on the basis of applications, which will be applied to new forms and which can be submitted through the employer only after the end of October, states the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

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