Manuel Escribano: "I knew he was going to catch me and I put on"


A thug from Adolfo crosses his left thigh from side to side on the day of greatest expectation in San Isidro. The goring was preceded by the polemic that followed. They shouted "He has taken you for not putting you in the place!" He responds in his first interview: "It's a bad amateur joke, there are two or three people, there are 24,000 in Madrid"

Manuel Escribano recovers from the serious goring in his house of Gerena.

A horde of bulls of flint irons and deer of a thousand points observes him with death dissected in the empty eyes. Manuel Escribano is already in his house in Serena, Gerena. When he left her on May 29 to Madrid, his left thigh traveled ntegro. On his return, eight days later, he has a scar that fits a puo: it is the entrance of the pitcher of Adolfo who on May 30, the day of greatest expectation of the entire San Isidro Fair, in the shadow of the giant Rock Rey, you cross the leg. From side to side, without mercy, like a devastating tunneling machine of the musculature along 25 centimeters.

He says he burned him like no other horn. Not even the brutal explosion of that other Adolfo who pulled the femoral and the saphenous in Alicante three years ago almost exactly. It was the right leg then, the one that later had problems of circulation and old man's veins. But there are things that hurt more, some voices, some screams. The polemic preceded thetobacco. And followed after him. Assume the requirement, even ah. The rest squeaks. I caught him for not putting himself in the place? That is a joke. I knew he was going to take me and put me on. A minefield was always his way.

How is it?
Happy. Already at home. Despite the fever, the thing changes. The pains have reappeared when removing the painkillers by intravenous. There was a day in the hospital where I came a little up and I started walking, I went to the gym, I got warm with the physio and started climbing some steps … And at what time. Everything has a limit and a few steps. You can not be brutito. Don Mximo (Doctor Garca Padrs) has already told me that pains and bruises are logical, that all my muscles have broken. Besides, it's that I felt it. A horrible burning that goes behind the leg.
They say that one of the keys to the psychological recovery of a bullfighter is to know why the bull has taken him, do you already know?
Perfectly. I knew it at the time and before he caught me. I knew that I could get hurt by the left pitn and apost. There is a moment when he starts the muletazo, he stops, he gives me a spooky, huge look. Amazing the look that hits me. And I hold him, I throw the crutchpa'lantewith the flights and, when it reaches my height, the defeat hits me with that saa and that certainty. I even thought: You see it, you see it. I knew it.
He had already warned in the previous series by that hand.
Yes, tell me. And in a previous muletazo. He knew the danger on that side but it was also where the bull was most intense. It was a crucial afternoon for me. One of those afternoons in which you have to go to die, to pass that line that is so difficult, that all bullfighters know what is and what costs so much. And more with Adolfo, you know that when you have it in front of you, you do not escape. I'm even proud of how the cornada peg me, with the two plants seated. Neither touched nor displaced nor abr. And you give him the option.
The bull changed without the long distances that you gave him in principle?
He had a good start, two good runs. I was generous. So I conceive the fight and the show. Then, he began to ram inside, very straight and letting go of his face. And with that dimension of pitn and that span it got difficult. Bulls also understand geometry.
And the voices that come out of the hardest sector and surroundings? They were conditioning him?
Orlo it oa, but conditioning I think not. It was already one of my concerns before the bullfight. I told my proxy. I was the old man in the cartel, the specialist in this type of bullfight. And s the demand of Madrid towards m. S thought he had to throw the coin in the air and, consciously, bet for the pitn more difficult. If I gave it up, that would go up … I wanted to win.
Then followed the controversy? They even told him that I caught him for not putting himself in the place …
Man, that's guasas. But it's one person, two, three … Madrid is 24,000 spectators. That they tell you that he has taken you for not putting you on the site is a bad amateur joke, of people who have to take little notice. The guasa is guasa and I feel bad to me or to the one that has a minimum of sensitivity. That they applauded in dragging the bull are already things, as you have written, of bullfighting education. I give it less importance. Although I still did not know what I had. But it's true that the bull, with all its equipment moving there, was a spectacle.
Manuel Escribano is transferred by his crew to the nurse in the Plaza de Las Ventas, after suffering the serious goring inflicted on him by 'Espaol' by Adolfo Martn.
From Alicante to Madrid, fromMadrootoSpanish, from 2016 to 2019, how much punishment …
The bull of Adolfo is very accurate, very astifino. When he shoots, he shoots. That's why these types of runs are called hard. Because it's hard to be in front of them and their behavior is also hard. All bullfighters say that we do not look at the tips, that we look at the eyes. But it's a lie. Our eyes are going to the tips. And you see that they are two pins … It is difficult to take that step with everything that has hurt me. Thank God I had the strength to endure it. It's time to start again. The other leg is already carrying vascular problems. If you see it, I have the veins of an old man.
And now?
It touches a very painful process. Work at the top with the physios, based on fingers to undo all the fibrosis that forms around the scar.
The date of June 22 has been set to reappear in Utrera with a run of Miura!
You have to leave dates and mark all my people. When you work with a goal, you work harder. It seems a temerity to do it with a look, but they are things bullfighters have to do. And me, in my case, so more. It is the hardness that I have always had in my career. It is what it is.
And then Pamplona and Cebada.
S! Goodness!

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