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Manuela Reimann’s Current Hike in Germany Leaves “Goodbye Germany” Fan Without Words

Manuela Reimann surprised her fans with this Instagram video. “Goodbye Germany” emigrant report from his country. nonetheless, not from Hawaii, but from Heidelberg.

Heidelberg – If you want to satisfy your wanderlust, you only have to visit the Instagram profile of Manuela Reimann (54). “Goodbye Germany” emigrant reports regularly from her adopted home in Hawaii, where she built a new house in 2015 with her husband Konny Reimann (67). But now, an Instagram video by the 54-year-old is making fans open their mouths. Because instead of beaches, palm trees and the sea, there are sandstone ruins, the romance of the old town and a view of the Neckar – Manuela Reimann is now hiking in Germany.

“Goodbye Germany” star Manuela Reimann posts Instagram video from Heidelberg

These recordings are almost a rarity. Because Manuela Reimann turned her back on Germany almost 20 years ago. After her marriage to husband Konny in Las Vegas, she finally moved to the United States with her two children. First, they went to Gainesville in Texas, later they chose the American state of Hawaii as their new home.

Reimanns, Büchners and Co.: These are the famous “Goodbye Germany” emigrants

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Christian Blankenhorn fell in love with the daughter of an Amazon tribal chief while on vacation in Brazil in 2010. Christian has two daughters with Umussy: Luna and Naomi. They had a long-distance relationship for a long time, because the engineer continued to work for Airbus in Germany. Accompanied by “Goodbye Germany”, he often visited his family, but he never spent more than two months at a time with them. As of 2019, he lives entirely in the Amazon jungle. © Martin Moravec/dpa
Marco and Tamara Gülpen are among the Germans who have built a new life on Mallorca. The stars of “Goodbye Germany” live only 7 months a year on the Balearic Islands. The remaining five are in Cologne. Marco just can’t quite part with his country – but he can’t be without Mallorca either. The emigrants own a hotel in both places. © Instagram/Tamara Gülpen
5ac1b564-75ea-46e5-bd6b-fe6668fdaf88.jpg © TVNOW / 99pro media
Petra and Andreas Lehmann at the Schnitzel House
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Konny and Manu Reimann arm in arm
In 2004 Konny and Manu Reimann emigrated to the USA with their two children. Manu won a green card. They settled in Gainesville in Northeast Texas. They then moved to Hawaii, where they still live today. Konny became known for his talent and craftsmanship and for constantly working on various projects. © RTL II
Matthias Bück in khaki color
“Goodbye Germany” emigrant Matthias Bück had his Bamboo Bar on Koh Samui since 2008. With a heavy heart, nonetheless, he had to close his restaurant. A failed marriage, a broken engagement, the flooding of his own shop and the hoarding of visitors associated with the corona pandemic disturb him. He got a second chance in Bangkok: In autumn 2020 he got a job at Café Glück. © Screen/RTL+
Hasi and Didi in front of the snacks
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Lucas Cordalis and Daniela Katzenberger at Schlagerchampions 2020 on January 11.
In the VOX program “Up and away – My foreign diary” Daniela Katzenberger was accompanied on her trip to the United States in 2009 – at that time she really wanted to make it to the Playboy Villa. From 2010 he was seen on “Goodbye Germany”. The cat opened a cafe in Mallorca. She still lives on the Balearic Islands today – with her husband Lucas Cordalis and daughter Sophia. © Axel Kammerer/Imago
Jenny Matthew smiled
Jenny Matthias, also known as Jenny Delüx, moved to Mallorca in 2010 with her boyfriend at the time, Jens Büchner († 49) and her eight-month-old son – where she opened a shop. Jens and Jenny separated, but the emigrant still lives on the island today. © IMAGO

Now the docu-soap actress is returning to her roots. Because Manuela Reimann filmed herself early in the morning hiking seven kilometers and running in Germany’s most romantic city, Heidelberg. The video shows the picturesque streets and sleepy squares of the old town as well as a dreamy view of the Neckar from the castle and bridge.

“Goodbye Germany” fans are excited about Manuela Reimann’s visit to Heidelberg

But why Heidelberg in particular? Manuela Reimann enlightens her fans in the comment field. The emigrant returned to his country via New York via Frankfurt. The star “Goodbye Germany” was born in Bruchsal, just half an hour from Heidelberg, and is therefore very familiar with the area of ​​Baden-Württemberg.

Manuela Reimann currently lives with her family in Hawaii. Now “Goodbye Germany” the awareness was amazing on German soil and enjoyed the nature of Heidelberg.

© Instagram / manuelareimann & Instagram / manuelareimann

“From Manhattan to Heidelberg, what a surprise,” marveled a fan of Manuela’s unexpected greeting at home. The remaining fans of “Goodbye Germany” are also over the moon about this surprise visit and also give Hawaiian by choice hiking tips. The philosopher’s recommended 13-kilometer long path was already on the TV program the day before and now Heidelberg’s ladder to heaven has also been climbed, as can be seen in a follow-up video. Sources used: instagram.com/manuelareimann

List of headings: © Instagram / manuelareimann & Instagram / manuelareimann

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