Many are wrong but here’s how often we should shower according to science

We all care about our health and the hygiene of our body and we will do everything to preserve them. To stay healthy it is very important to follow both common sense and expert guidelines.

Hygiene is important, but we must not exceed either personal or domestic cleanliness. If washing too rarely is not the best, it is not even recommended to wash too often and today we will talk about this. In fact, many are wrong but here’s how often we had to shower according to science. Let’s find out together.

Clean yes, but without harmful excesses

Our skin is a complex tissue that protects us from viruses, germs and bacteria. It is the largest organ we have in our body and for this we need to heal and protect it. We must know that our skin is not a sterile environment: even when it is clean it hosts a bacterial flora made up of microorganisms, which make up the human microbiota.

On our skin there is a resident bacterial flora, harmless and protective against aggression and, on the other hand, a transitory one, potentially dangerous and composed of germs that could attack us and cause infections.

We wash ourselves to eliminate the transient bacterial flora, but we must be very careful not to eliminate even the resident one, which is essential to guarantee balance and protection to our body. For this reason we should wash following some simple rules.

Many are wrong but here’s how often we should shower according to science

Our goal must be to maintain the “good” bacterial flora and to eliminate the “bad” one. To avoid problems and risks, we should avoid washing our hands, face and body too often with soap or using too many disinfectants.

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In fact, by washing ourselves too often, we risk eliminating the layer of good germs that protect us. We could also expose ourselves to infections, dermatitis and unwanted reactions. This is why it is important to avoid taking more than one shower a day, because our skin could poorly tolerate prolonged exposure to water and detergents.

According to studies, we can also take a shower a day, as long as it is not too long: we should stay under running lukewarm water for no more than 5 minutes, to avoid drying the skin.

Furthermore, the water must not be too hot and we must not use too aggressive detergents. If we want we can exfoliate the skin in a light way, avoiding getting abrasions with too stiff sponges.


How to clean this area of ​​the body that even the cleanest people forget to wash.

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