Maragall, willing to dispense with JpC to convince Colau


The ERC candidate for mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ernest Margall, has indicated that he is currently exploring "in depth" an agreement with Barcelona in Comú de Ada Colau, although this implies that JpC is not needed to govern in the Catalan capital.

"This is one of the possibilities we have put on the table, yes, very clearly," Maragall said in an interview on the TV3 show "Ask Freqüents", in which he explained that he understands the exclusion of JpC "from a positive way, as part of an institutional and sovereignty responsibility that we are self-demanding ".

"Now we are in a situation that advises us to thoroughly explore an agreement with Barcelona in Comú and to do it honestly and openly without any mortgage, without any other conditioning for this understanding," said Ernest Maragall.

"Because of this -he has continued- we are doing this exploration in two bands, ERC and BComú, and right now there is nothing more than this preferential dialogue, which is what it touches now".

On the other hand, according to Ernest Maragall, there is "a state operation" by the PSC, Cs and the PP so that Esquerra can not govern in the Catalan capital, and added that he hopes Barcelona in Comú will not get caught up in it. .

"There are two options, to choose between a government of blockade, of frontage, which is what this operation of the State represents, or to have an open government and of a large majority, and we must have all the flexibility and all the generosity so that this arrives to good port ", which is what the city wants," Maragall warned.

Asked if he believes it is legitimate for Ada Colau to seek agreements to remain as mayor, Maragall has pointed out that "although our victory is clear, the logical and normal ambition of continuity is also clear".

The mayor of ERC has considered, however, that "this legitimacy can not go so far as to fall into the hands of Mr. Valls or the Spanish State, or become a chrome or currency of operations of other institutions, and she knows it perfectly. ", informs Efe. .


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