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Marbella Vice: all participants, start date and first look at the GTA Roleplay map

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Ibai and Jacky, two of the main Spanish-speaking streamers, announced a new server of GTA Roleplay, which will arrive under the name of Marbella Vice. With more than 150 streamers already confirmed, the server will feature many of the leading Spanish content creators in Twitch in what will be a real madness.


And the most important day so far for Marbella Vice was this Sunday, where both streamers, together with ElRubius, they showed for the first time the new map where the story will take place. And it is that although the map is that of Los Santos, from the street signs to posters and businesses were changed to make Marbella feel, with the occasional nod to the content creators that will be on the server.

But without further ado, this is the first look at the new map that the Marbella Vice server will have, designed mainly by Yisus and Mole, the programmers of ForasterosRP:


A list of 151 streamers was initially revealed, although more participants will be announced on April 6, arriving after their applications were accepted.

Ibai CooLifeGame ElRubius
Cristinini JuanSGuarnizo AgentMaxo
AriGameplays Folagor Carola
Zeling TheGrefg DJMario
Spursito AuronPlay Perxita
Goes Carolina April Vicens
Ampeterby ElChurches Minus thirteen
Luh Hit GG Bladecito
Destroy Ded Hardy
Trolero Outconsumer Morphains
Gemma Davilin Zunk
Alkapone Lakshart Nia Chuty
Pieces Blon Head
Chat Force Erroneous
Mister Ego Khan Dylantero
ElXokas MK Acenix
The insane The AFK Expert Genesis
Augustine51 WithZack Lazypopa
storehouse Paracetamor Silithur
The Catacroquer Zorman Cell dust
The Fox BarbeQ Mega
Tanizen Mery Soldier Alvaro845
Lady king Albii Prz Knekro
IlloJuan Other Selene
Werlyb D3stri DToke
Lit Killah Momon Kun Elemao
Mayichi Biyin Srta Moore
Violeta G Leviathan ByViruzz
Sukua Mister Jägger Alexby
Borja Iglesias placeholder image Laporte Kun Agüero
Aroyitt Sr Cheeto Daz
GoblinPablo Elvis Refrigerators
Gona 89 Karchez DarkozTV
Train TitoDami Shotguns
Flipin GeriB Whom
Kenai Souza Nosoykoko Luquitas rodriguez
Polispol ChickSempai Charly ruiz
ItsRaikz Roberto Galati Sekiam
Sutan Play TaeSchnee
Lolito Manitous TV Kronno Zomber
Komanche Kidd Keo Kitohhhh
Lauriita18 MeinTV JotaCanario
Jordi Maquiavello JCorko_ ITAR
Goorgo Goncho Courteous
Cheeddii Borja Pavón Lady Ahriadna
Wasabo Wachiinanii The Corvus Clan
Vince RP Ungoron RP Shurpa
Poseidon Pivitron nefarius
Pipol razor MrDisyy
Blako Yisus Mole


The series will begin next Sunday, April 11, although accepted content creators will be able to enter during the week to create their characters and begin to lay the foundation for their stories within the server.


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