Marc van der Linden was on the ground for eight hours before Mother found him | Entertainment

“Then you get some conditions that you don’t want and they can be very persistent. In addition, I fell so strangely that I ended up out west ”, said Van der Linden Monday in RTL Boulevard. “I lay on the ground for eight hours before my mother found me.”

In the hospital, Van der Linden was in a coma for days. He was in intensive care, but got none of this himself. “I had delirium, I lived in a kind of delusional world,” he explained. “I have had long conversations with my mother that I cannot remember. I was tied to the bed, because otherwise I would pull out all the IVs. ”

The royalty connoisseur is back on his feet relatively quickly with the help of a few very good friends who assisted him. Van der Linden said he was very happy that he can share his knowledge with viewers again on television. Never before has he spoken so candidly about his hospitalization.

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