March against Manuel Merino: Alianza Lima fan aided another from University in protest Peru | Lime

Thousands of Peruvians took to the streets on Thursday to march against the new president Manuel Merino

Thousands of Peruvians marched in Lima and other Peruvian cities on Thursday in rejection of the new president, Manuel Merino. At the protest in the capital, a fan of alliance was caught helping another of academic, in a video that is already viral.

According to the images released on the Twitter account ‘Filtered Pass’, the cream fanatic would have suffered the ravages of tear gas, until he was supported with water by one of Lima Alliance.

“Here there is no shirt that is worth. Here we are all one for Peru”, was the message left by ‘Filtered Pass’ next to the images.

Details of the protest in downtown Lima

Some dressed as Inca emperors, others with red and white T-shirts from the Peruvian national team. football, the protesters took over the central Plaza San Martín to express their opposition to the new government.

A group that tried to reach the Congress he was dispersed by the police with tear gas and pellets. The protesters burned objects and confronted the police with stones and sticks. Were reported some protesters, journalists and police injured after the clashes. AFP


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