Maria Teresa Ruta has an ‘accident’ in the house

Did Maria Teresa Ruta pee on the bed? The contestants of Big Brother Vip seem to be convinced that the gieffina had a small intimate problem.

Intimate incident for Maria Teresa Route? The competitor of the Big Brother Vip hastily left the bedroom after that Tommaso Zorzi e Stefania Orlando they noticed a strange one wet halo on the bed.

Big Brother Vip, Maria Teresa Ruta has an intimate ‘accident’

Maria Teresa Route is at the center of the rumors after an intimate incident that involved her in House of the Big Brother Vip. The presenter was in the bedroom with Stefania Orlando e Tommaso Zorzi, with whom he is now quite familiar. While they were joking, perhaps also to dampen the climate of tension after Zorzi’s joke on Oppini that created chaos in Cinecittà, the Route she ran to the bathroom.

Stefania, in fact, he noticed that one had formed wet spot on the mattress and asked her friend if she had done it pee under. Tommaso, who initially did not grasp the situation, became interested in the story while Maria Teresa he stated that it was a wet pizza that left the halo. The gieffina left the room in embarrassment, while Stefania e Zorzi they tried to figure out what happened.

Before leaving friends, it seems that Ruta confirmed what happened even if the influencer did not seem convinced. This evening, Maria Teresa he may lose one of his greatest allies, his daughter Guenda Goria. The gieffina is in nomination with Stefania e Matilde Brandi, two giants of the fifth edition. Will the public reward Guenda’s individuality and originality or will they choose to save the two presenters? Meanwhile, it is rumored that Cristiano Malgioglio is ready to enter the House. Fans are excited to see the singer again in front of the cameras, and to find out if he will forge an alliance with Tommaso, great protagonist of reality.

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