Marie Claire | Friends returns and we already know how and when it will be

Since the news was known months ago we have been conjecturing to know when that expected return will be. The pandemic, of course, delayed the plans for all showbiz projects and Friends was no exception. But just hours ago they knew details of the filming of the famous chapter that will be called: Friends; reunion. The culprit that the information was leaked was one of its protagonists, Matthew Perry, who through his Twitter wrote: “The Friends meeting has been rescheduled for early March. Looks like we have a pretty busy year ahead of us“.

After 15 years of absence we will be able to see again the 6 friends together. It is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events around the world, since Friends was one of the most popular series of almost two decades ago. Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey, Phoebe y Monica (unforgettable characters) will all be in this return. The actors who play them: Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt Leblanc, Courtney Cox and David Schwimmer immediately gave their yes to such a proposal.

In the special chapter he will focus on how their lives have changed after that remembered final episode issued on May 6, 2004. The day of the return broadcast has not yet been set, but it is expected that it will be – if all goes well – for the last trimester of 2021. We can not more of the anxiety!

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