Marina’s plastic work, the viral poster for Easter

No one will forget Easter 2020. Neither did Marina Becerra, a 16-year-old young woman from Seville who inadvertently became the protagonist of a Sevillian Easter in which there will be no processions, but the devotion of the confraternities of the different brotherhoods will continue. That was precisely what led Marina to do this unofficial poster, which has become a cult piece on social networks and among the brother confreres of Seville.

«Everything started as a school job, because the plastic teacher, Alejandro Redondo, asked us to make a poster on a theme. I chose Easter because I have lived it since I was little in the Brotherhood of Jesus Stripped, first as a monagilla and now as a Nazarene », says this 4th year ESO student from the Piarists of Seville. “When I started doing the work we were not yet in the confinement, but when I had to finish it, yes,” says Marina before explaining how she did it. «First I made a ‘collage’ with all the images of the brotherhoods that come out at Easter in Seville, starting on Palm Sunday, but already during the confinement I thought about adding this nurse in a gesture of prayer, as a tribute to the toilets who take care of all of us, “she says proudly.

Marina does not know the nurse who appears on the poster, but believes she is Italian. «I don’t know her, I was searching the internet for photos and I saw one of several Italian doctors who were blessed by a priest and gave me the idea to express that faith is very important in this time that we have had to live and, above all, all, a form of protection for all toilets that are leaving their skin to save lifes », he adds. Perhaps the fact that her sister studied Medicine in Madrid has helped her to give more importance to the work they are doing in this coronavirus crisis. “A lot of information comes to him and he tells us they are having a bad time,” he says of his sister.

This Palm Sunday, Marina should go out in procession with her brotherhood but she will have to stay home, like the rest of the Spaniards because of the coronavirus. «You live differently, but you live. I will not be able to be in the streets, but I will leave from the heart, I will do a penance and I will pray the same », he says with a touch of emotion in his voice. In fact, all the brotherhoods of Seville “about 50” appear on the poster, he clarifies, since Palm Sunday. «Some images are the canopy, others the mystery, others the Christ … I have tried to make sure that they were all represented and that what was lived in Seville during Holy Week was transmitted, ”he points out.

What Marina did not expect was the repercussion that her poster has had, which has already traveled around the world. “My grandmother sent it to Adrián Gómez, a costalero from Seville, who uploaded it to his Twitter account and started to go viral,” says Marina. «My mother uploaded it to Facebook, but I thought that at most her four friends would share it», he says between laughs and with a point of mischief. Of course, what is clear is the note that you will get for work: “The teacher has spoken to me and told me that I can expect the grade”.


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