Marine Le Pen "does not believe" in an Italian scenario in France


Marine Le Pen said on Wednesday that it did not believe in an Italian-style scenario in France of alliance between the National Rally (RN) and insubordinate France (LFI), like the coalition of government in Italy. between the League and the 5 Stars Movement.

Asked about the possibility of a scenario in the Italian after the presidential election of 2022, Ms. Le Pen replied: "I do not believe because 5 stars is not in this case insubordinate France".

The presidential finalist in 2017, however, defended the cleavage between "globalist" and "national" who "crosses LFI as it crossed LR", the day after the announcement of support for the RN, for the European elections, a LFI regional councilor, Andréa Kotarac, with the aim of "damming" Emmanuel Macron.

"There is a consistency" in this support "since insubordinate France keeps saying that we must beat Macron," said Ms. Le Pen, ensuring that there would be "other" similar rallies.

Mr. Kotarac, former member of the presidential campaign team of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, "found that in France rebellious there is a real drift (…) on communitarianism, in the troubled relations with fundamentalism Islamist, (and) in the field of secularism, "said Ms. Le Pen.

The deputy of Pas-de-Calais also considers that LFI "has abandoned this sovereignism.They want, they, the disappearance, the dilution of nations."

Marine Le Pen also assured that the far-right Estonian party Ekre, which she met on Tuesday in Tallinn, was "obviously a movement that is serious otherwise it would not have these positions" of ministers.

The head of the RN was photographed in Tallin on Tuesday with an ultra-radical Ekre official, who presents himself as a "Finno-Ugric supremacist", a snapshot on which the two elected representatives make a familiar sign of white supremacists. the president of the RN said she did not know the meaning.

The Ekre party, which made headlines for people convicted of acts of violence and neo-Nazi sympathizers, made a breakthrough in the March 3rd legislative elections in Estonia. He sits since April 24 in the government led by the centrist Juri Ratas.


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