Mario Kart Home players’ biggest enemy is … their cat

GAMING – The new Mario Kart Home Circuit game can be played from home and stage its living room, but when trying it, some players have encountered a completely unexpected “boss” … their cat, as shown in our video at the top of the article.

Nintendo released this month this new game available on Switch console and completely immersive. Among other things, players receive a small radio-controlled car containing character Game.

For the first time, the legendary game Mario Kart can indeed take place in its own interior. The game itself includes some elements only visible on console and which are added to the furniture and surrounding objects among the obstacles to be avoided in the race.

Several players have already shared the experience on social networks and without much surprise, their little cats were very intrigued by the game. We see some of them chasing the radio-controlled car and trying to grab it in its race. Others are more frightened by the game and its noises, but no less intrigued.

The cult series Super Mario Bros. is also celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, the occasion for Nintendo to re-edit several games for the Switch.

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