Mario Kart Tour for iOS Obtaining multiplayer mode on March 8th

Nintendo announced today which plans to add a multiplayer mode to Mario Kart Tour on March 8, allowing players to compete with up to seven other players.

According to Nintendo, players can play against their friends in the game, people who are nearby or others around the world, with different multiplayer game modes available.

Nintendo first introduced Mario Kart Tour for iPhone and iPad in September 2019. The gameplay is similar to other Mario Kart games on the Nintendo console, allowing players to race a kart through the Mushroom Kingdom, beating their opponents up to at the finish.

The Mario Kart tour is free, but there is an optional Gold Pass subscription that introduces various items and game badges, as well as unlocking a faster 200cc mode. There are also in-app purchases for rubies and other items.

Nintendo previously tested multiplayer with a closed beta test for subscribers in December and an open beta test in January, but now the feature is ready for official launch.


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