Kelly Ripa told Jerry O 'Connell on the premiere of “Jerry O” ”that Lola Consuelos did not allow for it to be changed.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are now like all parents – crying while watching their children grow up too quickly.

The famous couple are launching their daughter Lola to college in New York University, and mom (and dad) is little emotional.

The host “Live with Kelly and Ryan” shared a photo of Lola on Instagram with her acting husband looking down on their newborn daughter.

"#tbt (Throwback Thursday) 2001 from your Christening to college. When the eye violates, I'm not crying.

Lola, 18, is the main child of Ripa and Consuelos children. They have two sons, Michael, 22, and Joaquin, 16.

Recently Ripa's photo section of Lola was looking in prom gear, which could be changed without the permission of her parents.

"That prom dress we had made, and then she changed behind us, when we were not (at sight)," Ripa said as a guest on the show "Jerry O" hosted by Jerry O & Connell. "So that's why, you know, the girls are on full display."

The dress was a form fitting and green emerald with high thigh split and deep-v neckline.

The mother of three targeted 20 hours to get that photograph.

"I want,‘ Please give one photo to Mum, please. Just one. '"

Oh, kids. They drive us mad, but then they lose the second thing they've gone crazy.

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