Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Mark Sanchez handed over to Adrian Peterson for a touchdown and internet lost

In 2018, there is some type of headline that has long been part of a cliché: "This weird thing happened, and the internet went crazy / became wild / lost the head / s' tore the brains out and turned them into a flammable fireworks fire. brain and launched his burning brain into the sky. "

Often, these social media compilations are fun, but sometimes they feel overrated. "A guy had a really nice dunk, and the internet went crazy." "A person of pop culture did something extraordinary, but the internet could not contain itself." "A young, trendy politician curses the formerly humorous Internet and imploded. "

But this one is not overestimated. He was truly, sincerely, disturbing to insane. The Redskins lost their second starting quarter in three weeks. So they were forced to turn to the most closely related quarterback with humor on the Internet, Mark Sanchez, whose culminating point in his career was that of meeting a lot of buttocks and then fumbling.

Sanchez has not thrown a pass in the NFL for over a year. He was not an NFL star since November 2015. He had not been a Redskin for two weeks. For example, two weeks ago, he may have gone crazy on the Internet.

And so Internet – no, the world; the known universe – an impending disaster when he entered Monday night's match. Hilarious disaster. There would be so many jokes. Sanchez, is that it? Haha. Ha.

Then, in his first appearance as a member of the Redskins, he handed the ball to Adrian Peterson, a man who has managed to exceed 70 yards in the race in one of his last four games. On average over 3.6 yards per race in his last four games, a man whose best days, like Sanchez's, have been for a long time, very, very, very, very long.

Peterson, in case you missed it, ran 90 yards for a touchdown. The Redskins, at this point, had marked at every moment of Mark Sanchez's mandate. And the Internet, I'm here to tell you, went crazy.

(That was before news appeared, stating that worker Colt McCoy, having finally had another chance to become a starter, had broken his leg, a news that made some of the joy.)


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