Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

Mark Wahlberg opens a Chevy dealership in Columbus, Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Mark Wahlberg wants you to see the United States in a Chevrolet

Actor, producer, businessman and former 47-year-old rapper announced Thursday that he was going to launch his first car dealership, Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet. Columbus, Ohio.

Wahlberg works in partnership with businessman Jay Feldman, who owns eight Chevrolet dealerships in southeastern and central Michigan. They say they've been friends for several years and have become partners in the Wahlburgers restaurants in Cleveland and Georgia.

In a statement, Wahlberg continually strives to innovate its brand and become involved in companies it is passionate about. Wahlberg's business portfolio includes the Wahlburgers restaurant chain, a film production company, a health and wellness company and a water line with music mogul Diddy


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