Marko: “Verstappen already knew in advance that he would get away badly”

Helmut Marko explains that Max Verstappen last Sunday was not satisfied with the fact that he was on the left side of the starting grid. In addition, the Red Bull CEO explains why the pit stops in Turkey did not go smoothly.

The free practice sessions were dominated by Max Verstappen at Istanbul Park, after which a pole position seemed to be in store on Saturday. At the end of the ride, however, the Dutchman had to be inferior Lance Stroll. Verstappen decided – after a quick lap of Sergio Perez – to switch to the intermediates, but could then only drive one lap on this due to traffic. Partly because of this, the first starting place went to the Canadian.

From Red Bull Racingdriver then had a bad start on Sunday. According to Helmut Marko, this was because Verstappen had to start on the left, where there was considerably less grip. “From previous reactions you could conclude that Max was angry about that,” the opposite sounds Car, motor and sport. “He knew beforehand that he wouldn’t get away well.”

Where Red Bull Racing normally excels in the pit lane, the tire changes did not go smoothly this time either. At the second stop of Verstappen, his front wing was even adjusted incorrectly. “The coronavirus has impacted our operations, just like the other teams,” explains Marko. “As a result, we had to shift with the staff,” he explains the poor tire changes.


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