Friday, 18 Jan 2019

Marks and Spencer unveils its 2018 Christmas food – and everything looks amazing

While you can normally find us doing our supermarket shopping in one of the big four, when it comes to Christmas we sometimes offer ourselves a trip to M & S.

The cradle of festive indulgence, Marks and Spencer have started revealing everything they can eat from seasonal to seasonal in November and December – and we could not be more enthusiastic.

From free bottles of wine when shopping online, to sophisticated chips and even truffle mayonnaise, we've spotted some of our favorite British classic things that are perfect for Christmas – and some of them require less search. as you might expect!

We have listed below all of our favorite Christmas offers from Marks and Spencer, from crackers to cakes to all-over desserts, as well as many truffles.

Best M & S Dessert: The Chocolate Pine Cones Collection, £ 13

They are almost too good to eat …

Part of their range of dishes to order, these very decadent chocolate mousse pinecones are filled with chocolate sauce, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with pretty edible gold glitter.

You will have six per package and you will have to order them online in advance. Just do not look at calories …

Best Christmas cookies, £ 20

These crackers look so cool

We do not really know how these crackers actually work, but they are at least a centerpiece.

M & S offers a wide range of crackers, perfect for an impressive formal Christmas dinner for the extended family or to offer you and your little ones the best of the best. Although we would probably end up winning the bunch of keys …

Best dessert: Santa Claus log on roof and caramel, £ 15

We already liked Christmas logs, and then we saw this: Yule's ultimate log

The exterior is worthy of the winner of Bake Off: it is a roof covered with snow covered with a sleigh of Santa Claus and which warms the feeling of Christmas when the whole street is filled with festive lights.

Inside the masterpiece is a chocolate sponge filled with Belgian chocolate ganache and caramel, which is then covered with chocolate ganache and decorated with a shimmering glaze. No, we can not stop looking at him either.

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Christmas food and drink

Mayonnaise with truffle, £ 2.50

Forget Christmas, we will eat it all year

If you thought salmon blinis were the most chic canapés of all time, M & S just made them even more extravagant with the launch of their brand new truffle mayonnaise.

Ideal for New Year's Eve parties, it blends perfectly with smoked salmon in a breakfast blini or smothered in bread with roast beef for an ultimate festive sandwich. Well, you can not settle for cheese on Christmas Eve, is not it?

Natalie Tate, Head of Grocery Products Development, said, "This mayo will definitely please the crowd, adding an extra touch to your festivities. I love it sprinkled with grated parmesan shavings for a delicious, simple side dish. "

Chips with black truffle and olive oil, 2 lbs

Happy Crisp-mas from M & S

It is not Christmas without a lot of chips. Whether you have them at the buffet table or just like to rummage through the cheeseboard watching all the festive TV shows.

Following the success of Truffle Mayo and Truffle Pesto, launched earlier this year and acclaimed by customers, five exciting new flavors are on offer.

The chip collection, which is M & S's largest festive line-up to date, is inspired by the classics of the season, including classic Christmas flavors: port & stilton, parmesan and prosciutto, Wellington beef and glazed gammon & whiskey.

How to get a free bottle of wine at M & S this Christmas

You will get this for free

All orders over £ 85 will also receive a free bottle of wine, but you must order yours by November 11th.

You will receive the freebie if you spend £ 85 or more in catering with the M & S order. Once payment is made, M & S will send you an e-gift voucher within 48 hours of placing your order. , which you will be able to use for selected M & S stores to claim a free bottle of Burra Brook Shiraz or a free bottle of Burra Brook Chardonnay.

If you do not want wine, you can get a free box of chocolates. The chocolates in question will be the collection "Selection of white and black milk" (160 g) and the wine or free chocolates must be recovered before December 2, 2018.


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