Marlaska promises that the State "does not give up on persecuting" the terrorists of ETA who continue to flee


After the arrest of 'Josu Ternera'

The Interior Minister congratulates the Civil Guard for the arrest of the etarra 'Josu Ternera' and ratified the commitment of the State for ETA to fulfill its criminal responsibilities

The interior minister in functions. Fernando Grande Marlaska. Visit ...

Grande-Marlaska, this morning, in an act of homage to the Civil Guard for the arrest of 'Josu Ternera'.

The minister ofInsidein functions,Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has assured this morning in the installations of the Information Service of the Civil Guard that "the defeat of the terrorist organization ETA" does not imply that theRule of lawstop "from pursuing the set of criminal activities committed" by the ETA members. One day after the arrest in France of the last great leader of the terrorist band that was released,Josu Veal, and aware that there are still remaining dead in various countries, Marlaska has added that the State does not "stop to investigate" until they find and solve "all terrorist attacks" and that the authorities "will not cease to pursue the group of responsible of the criminal organization of ETA so that they can respond with the criminal responsibilities "that are attributed to them.

The head of the Ministry of Interior has described as a "success" yesterday's arrest of the head of ETAJosu Vealin the French town ofSallanches. All this he said in an appearance before the media to congratulate the agents for their contribution in the "defeat of ETA". Similarly, Grande-Marlaska has taken the opportunity to honor the 243 civil guards killed at the hands of the terrorist organization and has also reminded the rest of victims of ETA.

In the opinion of the General of the Civil GuardPablo Salas, the success of the arrest operation of the head of ETA is the product of a "job well done" and the cooperation with his French colleagues, theDGSI. This arrest occurred at 7:00 am yesterday in the framework of theOperation Childhood Stolen– called as by the children who died in the attacks ofBilbao, Madrid,Santa Pola, Zaragoza andVic– in an action coordinated by the Civil Guard and the French Police.

The terrorist, who resides in the town ofSaint Nicolas de Vroce, was found unknown since 2002, when he fug justice by not appearing in individual summons to the Supreme Court on November 6 and 14 of that year. According to Efe, at presentVealI lived in a mountain refuge and carried 4,000 euros.

After his arrest "the French justice continue with work," according to Salas. In Spain, the historic leader of ETA has four pending cases in the National Court for crimes of collaboration in terrorist organization, murder and crimes against humanity. The most important crimes attributed to itVealthey are an attack in Zaragoza, in 1987, in which 11 people died and another 88 were wounded. Also Urrutikoetxea is considered murderer of businessman Luis Mara Hergueta Guinea, in 1980.

In 2008, the Audiencia Nacional processed 43 ETA members in the macrocause againstherriko tavernsas an ETA financing instrument. However, only 36 were judged since the other seven, among themVealThey were escaped from justice. Finally, in 2015, a case was opened against the historic ETA for crimes against humanity.

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