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Marnie Schulenburg, star of the famous series, dies. He was 37 years old

The news of the actress’ death was reported by Deadline, a Hollywood news site. Marnie Schulenburg died of metastatic breast cancer at a hospital in Bloomfield, New York.

The actress gained recognition thanks to her role in the series “As The World Turns”. In addition, he has starred in many other film productions.

Marnie Schulenburg was born May 21, 1984 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He made his debut in front of the camera in 2007 TV series “Żar Młodości”. In the same period, she joined the soap opera, thanks to which she gained the greatest recognition of her career – “As the World Turns”, playing the role of Alison Stewart. The actress has appeared in more than 300 episodes of the series. She played in the production until her last episode, which was revealed in 2010. The role earned her an award nomination. Emmy Day Award in the “Best Young Actress” category.

Marnie Schulenburg dies. It started with comedy

The first film of Schulenburg’s career was the comedy “Create for Yourself” from 2009. The actress also included titles such as “On the Frontier of Law”, “Fringe: On the Frontier of World”, “Married to the Army” “. “Oath,” “A Life to Live,” “Love in Manhattan,” “Doctor Banana,” “Tainted Dreams,” “The Perfect Case,” “Divorce” or “City on the Hill.” The latest production with the actress is series “Public service” appears.

He orphaned his daughter

In 2013, she married actor Zack Robidas, known in the TV series “Sukcesja”. The couple had a daughter, Cody Jones, who was born in 2019. A year later, the actress was diagnosed with a malignant tumor, initially taken for mastitis – a common condition in young mothers. Friends and family members have launched a GoFundMe website to raise money for treatment. They raised $ 75,000. The actress died just before her birthday.


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