"Márquez's new way of running has gotten us into cris

Everything is squared. It is true that all the world, but, as declared by the 'Magnificent' In winter, the important thing begins when you arrive in Europe and, above all, as you recognize Marc Márquez (Honda), the great dominator of the last seasons, the five-time champion of all time (except in 2015, when he was crowned Jorge Lorenzo), "The important, the relevant, the cost, what makes the difference between great pilots, all, and candidates for the title is the way each one has to approach Sunday, the race, and the style of managing the 27 laps of GP & rdquor ;.

And, according to all of Marquez's rivals, especially the Italian veterans, Valentino Rossi (Yamaha), nine times champion (this year celebrates ten years chasing 'the tenth' scepter), and Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati), runner-up of the world for the last two years, the Catalan driver has changed not only the way to prepare on Fridays and Saturdays, but also the way of running. "The demonstration that I am more comfortable than ever on the bike is that now I can run, even as I do not like it, that is escaping from the first round, because I have always enjoyed the victories fought. But as long as it goes well and can, I'll keep doing it that way.

The confession of 'Dovi'

"I do not know if Marc is more comfortable this year on his Honda than last year. It's early to know, but the way he ran in Qatar, the way he won in Argentina, the style he escaped with, before falling, in Austin and his resounding victory in Jerez show that, in effect, he has decided run in a different way than usual and that has put us in crisis to all, "said Dovizioso, acknowledging that the aspirants to the title should put the batteries" because the only way to deal with this new Marquez is winning races & rdquor ;. That's what the 'Doctor' says, yesterday in crisis. "I just want to remember that Marc is the World Cup leader despite having been the only one who already has a zero, who has fallen in the race. If, as it seemed, he gets to win us in the US, the title would begin to settle, again, on his side & rdquor ;, said 'Vale'.

Márquez not only has changed his way of running, to stop since the traffic light goes off, but also the way to act in training. "After what happened to me in 2015, I've decided that I'm going to come out on top from the minute one on Friday. That has its risk. In the first training, I starred in another of those 'saves' that remain for the video and the final film of the season. Then, I've gotten rid of three more falls, but it's the way to get a good time that will leave you calm up all weekend. After that time, all that remains is to polish the set-up and do tests to choose the right race tire & rdquor ;.

Viñales, the fastest

Following the discourse of 'Dovi' and 'Vale' (let's not talk about Maverick Viñales and Àlex Rins, who in the rehearsals are very irregular, little consistent on Friday and Saturday), Márquez believes that "it is very difficult to win on Sunday and, on all, aspire to the title, if along every weekend you live on a roller coaster, causing saw teeth, peaks of quality and speed, mixed with moments of bewilderment. In that sense – added the heptacampeón of Cervera (Lleida) -, I think that both Andrea and I have been very, very regular in the last two years, I insist, in what could be the approach to Sunday. What does not take away from others, sporadically, "Marquez recounted," have been able to appear on the day of the race with podium options and even win. "

Looking for, for example, the times of yesterday, it is true that Viñales was the fastest, but Márquez and Dovizioso were the ones that showed the most rhythm. Viñales has seven laps at 1.32 and three at 1.31, while Marc hoards nine and three, and 'Dovi', nine and one. Champion and runner-up, they are always there. The others take turns Friday and Saturday. Between Márquez (17) and Dovizioso (11) they have won 28 of the last 40 big prizes, leaving the crumbs for the others. Moreover, the third of last year (Valentino Rossi) was 123 points of Márquez, that is, almost five wins (125). With that being said everything.

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