Marseille in the hard Lille! – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (LOSC 2-0 OM) – Football

On the occasion of the 9th day of Ligue 1, Lille won against Olympique de Marseille (2-0) this Sunday. A convincing victory for the reigning champion!

Jonathan David offers himself a double against OM.

Without a win for three games in all competitions, Olympique de Marseille wanted to take advantage of the Lille shock to set the record straight.

Result, the Marseillais again showed their limits of the moment and conceded a second consecutive defeat in Ligue 1, facing an attractive northern team.

The left side of OM la rue!

A deserved success even if it was the Phocens who procured the first situations. High in sight, Dieng quickly framed two attempts that were ultimately harmless for goalkeeper Grbic.

On the other hand, on the other side of the field, his counterpart Pau Lopez had to do more to neutralize Ikon who was present almost alone against him! The consequence of a real concern on the Marseille left side, where Luan Peres, lined up a notch higher than usual, was in great difficulty. Coach Sampaoli was trying to reframe him. It does not prevent that the Brazilian still let slip Celik, author of the center which brought the opening of the score of David (1-0, 28th)!

Doubl pour David

Suffice to say that the technician did not appreciate, he who noted the lack of creativity of a team deprived of Payet, injured. Then the break, Sampaoli made two changes including the entry of Milik and adjustments on his weak side. OM therefore showed a better face but their situations were not so threatening. In any case, less than the Lille occasions thanks to the standard spaces left.

We are not talking about the penalty agreement then Yilmaz refusal on his simulation. But rather the two amounts touched by Ikon! And David’s rat point blank! A smelled of KO, especially as the Olympian winger nder (77th) collected a second yellow card synonymous with expulsion. Always men, OM continued to attack, in vain. Lille wins and temporarily returns equal points with Marseille in the standings.

The score of the match: 7/10

Seeing the enormous intensity of this meeting, it is almost difficult to believe that the two teams go on every three to four days! After a somewhat timid first period, the reaction of the Marseillais offered us a very pleasant second act.

The goals:

– Thrown by Andr along the right side key, Celik takes Luan Peres off speed and crosses at the near post. Saliba arrives first but badly repels the ball, which allows David to throw himself in and score with a small point (1-0, 28th).

– After a magnificent deep opening from Renato Sanches from the outside of the foot, Weah accelerates to the left side before serving David. The center forward, lonely at the far post, takes over without control and deceives Pau Lopez (2-0, 90th + 5).

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Player NOTES

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Jonathan David (8/10)

In a match so rich in intensity, the LOSC striker still impressed with his generosity! His incessant calls in dropout or in depth posed a lot of problems for the Marseille defense, who could not prevent him from registering a double. He hasn’t done everything or realized all of his chances, but his teammates certainly won’t blame him.


Ivo Grbic (4): author of a good intervention on the center of Luan Peresn the goalkeeper of the LOSC has not yet relieved the serenity. On the contrary, his failed raise offered Guendouzi an opportunity. And luckily, no opponent has benefited from his little academic output.

Mehmet elik (6.5): stirring, the lateral posed a lot of problems Luan Peres in the first period. The proof with the action of the first goal that he throws on his right side. Less offensive after the break when OM solved the problem.

Jos Fonte (6): after a difficult start to the match, during which he left Dieng too much space, the Lille captain recovered well with authority. Milik’s entry didn’t disturb him.

Sven Botman (6): little in demand, the central defender was content with a good placement to ward off danger when necessary.

Reinildo (3): first period completely missed for the left lateral. After a free kick awkwardly conceded because of a hand on the ground, he suffered the overflows of Lirola. Late on Rongier, he benefited from the referee’s leniency as he deserved the yellow card. Replace the 46th by Gabriel Gudmundsson (5.5), slightly shaken by nder during his first few minutes on the lawn. But he ended up causing the expulsion of his direct opponent.

Jonathan Ikon (7): with a better finish, the international tricolor would have ended the meeting with at least one goal. The freedom offered by the Marseillais in the first period allowed him to present himself against Pau Lopez, who carried out the stop. All the same, it must be recognized that there is a lack of success on the two amounts affected. Note also the beautiful passes found in the back of the defense. Replace the 94th by Renato Sanches (not not), entered for a few seconds and yet, we saw him inflict a small bridge Luan Peres and make a superb through pass before the second goal. His return from injury will do good.

Benjamin Andr (6.5): the midfielder still had a little too much waste in his transmissions. But in terms of the intensity of the recovery, Jocelyn Gourvennec can not blame him. What combativit! He is also involved in the action of the first base.

Amadou Onana (7.5): the summer reinforcement ended with cramps, and we can understand it. He was ubiquitous in the recovery with a huge volume of play. Serene, he sometimes impressed in his ball outings and would have deserved to become a decisive passer if Yilmaz had played better at the time. Replace the 72nd by Xeka (non not), involved in the action of the second goal.

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Jonathan Bamba (7): still lacking rhythm, the left winger did not have the legs to eliminate one on one. But his vision of the game and his quality of passing, short or long, caused a lot of damage to Marseille! It is in particular the origin of the occasion of Ikon neutralized by Pau Lopez. Replace the 72nd by Timothy Weah (non not), decisive passer on David’s second goal.

Jonathan David (8): see comments above.

Burak Yilmaz (2): if the center forward had retained his efficiency last season, OM might have left with a suitcase! This is to say the clumsiness of the Turk who has too much harvest in the opponent’s area. And to top it off, he’s the author of a crass simulation that earned him a well-deserved yellow card. Replace the 88th with Yusuf Yazici (non not).


Pau Lpez (5.5): apart from two missed raises, the OM goalkeeper made a correct copy. He delayed the opening of the scoring by interposing himself in front of Ikon and was rather comfortable in his kicking game, despite the big risks taken.

William Saliba (6): if the defender loaned by Arsenal is at fault on the first goal conceded, his overall performance is still of good quality. He was imperial in one-on-one duels, the image of his return to Yilmaz.

Duje Caleta-Car (3): Aligned on the left side of hinge three, the summer’s undesirable contributed to OM’s problems in the first half. The spaces between him and Luan Peres offered too many possibilities to Lille. Judge responsible by Sampaoli and replaced the 46th by Boubacar Kamara (6), very offensive and author of a good center back from which Gerson could have benefited. His mobility and his ability to dive behind the Lille defense are not foreign to the Marseille reaction.

Luan Peres (3): for Sampaoli, it was necessarily easier to replace Caleta-Car at the break. But the Brazilian is the one who totally took the water in the first period! Concentrating on Celik, who took him out of speed on the first goal, he often forgot Ikon behind his back. It was better once past the axis, the image of his rescue in front of Gudmundsson.

Pol Lirola (6): still as offensive on the right side, the side or middle has multiplied the overflows. Difficult for poor Reinildo to keep up with the imposed pace. Pass left after the break, he had less influence but did not disappear thanks to his energy. Reamplac the 81st by Luis Henrique (not rated).

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Leonardo Balerdi (6.5): if Yilmaz missed his match, it is mainly because the Marseille central defender never let go. In stalling or in depth, the Turk had to deal with an Argentinian as fast as he was inspired in his anticipations.

Matto Guendouzi (5.5): if the Marseillais have fewer legs, the captain of the day is perhaps the symbol. He was active in recovery and always wanted to play forward. But this time, he didn’t dominate his subject like he usually does. It must be said that opposite, Andr and Onana did the job.

Gerson (3): Brazil’s distractors still have other arguments… Too often, he has privileged safety to the detriment of vertical play. This did not, however, prevent him from losing balloons, especially the one that brought Yilmaz an opportunity. He also misses a great opportunity in the second period, once passed in support of Milik. Glad to be replaced the 62nd by Amine Harit (not not), who failed to make the difference on the ball.

Valentin Rongier (4): tenured as playmaker, the former Nantes player has necessarily suffered from the comparison with Dimitri Payet. He made a few combinations with his teammates. But in this role, his offensive contribution was insufficient.

Cengiz nder (4): rather in the first half, the Turkish winger was sharper after returning from the locker room. We felt him determined to make differences on the right side. But he wasn’t that dangerous and ended up getting kicked out.

Bamba Dieng (4.5): very prominent early in the match, the Senegalese quickly obtained two situations, but his shots were not dangerous. Dominated by Fonte, he then disappeared. Replace the 46th by Arkadiusz Milik (4) who, apart from a clear but safe head, and a good pass for Gerson, did not weigh enough.

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LILLE 2-0 MARSEILLE (mi-tps: 1-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 9th day
Stadium: Pierre Mauroy Stadium, Lille – Referee: Jeremie Pignard, France

Buts : J. David (28th) T. Weah (90 + 5th) for LILLE
Warnings : Reinildo (11e), B. Yilmaz (66e), for LILLE – C. nder (24e), L. Balerdi (37e), C. honor (77e), for MARSEILLE

LITTLE : I. GrbicJos Fonte, S. BotmanM. elik, Reinildo (G. Gudmundsson, 46e)J. Ikon (Renato Sanches, 90 + 4e), B. Andr, A. Onana (Xeka, 72e), J. Bamba (T. Weah, 72e)J. David, B. Yilmaz (Y. Yazici, 88e)

MARSEILLE : Pau LpezW. Saliba, L. Balerdi (P. Gueye, 90e), D. Caleta-Car (B. Kamara, 46e)M. Guendouzi, Gerson (A. Harit, 62e), Luan PeresPol Lirola (Luis Henrique, 81st), V. Rongier, C. nderC. Dieng (A. Milik, 46e)


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