Marta, the female Pelé


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In Brazil, it is nicknamed the female Pele. Marta da Silva, six times the best player in the world, has largely contributed to popularize women's football in her country.

In the village of Dois Riachos, everyone knows Jose Julio De Freitas says "Tota", the first coach of Marta da Silva.

"Here, just out of the womb their mothers, they want to play football!", He explains. This coach immediately detected the extraordinary talent of Marta.

Today, he shares his pride with the player's mother. Initially reluctant, Tereza finally accepted her daughter's passion: "She was leaving the house saying that she was going to school, but she was not going," she says. "She was going to play football secretly," says Tota.

"She was unique"

Born in poverty, Marta came to play, always with the boys, including Tiago. In the competitions, he remembers the humiliation that he was subjected to: "A supporter asked that she take off her clothes to see if she was really a woman, we were all very embarrassed. No problem in our team, because we needed her, she was unique, she was one of the best of us, there was no boy as good as her, so we wanted have Marta in our team ".

One of the best players in the world, evolving for the Orlando Pride Club, Florida, today highlighted women's football. "I had to undergo all that, so that we can use it today as an example, it's not the kind that will determine the way you work, but your actual production: what you do, and if you do it with excellence ", she says in an interview with France 24.

In her native country, Marta has made emulators. Her career and her game inspire these young players of Maceio's women's team. "She's not the one to do the show with the ball, she takes the ball, and goes straight to the goal – that's what she knows best: her speed, her kick and scoring. goals, "said a club footballer.

His heirs hope that Marta brings back the World Cup in Brazil in July, the only title that still resists him.

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