Martine Carol, the star fallen into oblivion, at the heart of an exhibition at the studios of Victorine


The actress Martine Carol is at the heart of an exhibition around the shooting of the film "Lola Montes" by Max Ophuls. It is held in Nice, at the studios of Victorine, on the very spot where the scenes were shot in 1955.

In April 1955, Martine Carol is the heroine of Lola Montès, the film that Max Ophuls is shooting in Nice in the studios of Victorine. In this film in costume, the star of the 50s takes his audience to the wrong way. Famous for her blondness and alluring curves, she turns brown and corseted in period costumes: the audience will not understand and the failure of this film will mark the beginning of the end for her career.

Until September 30, 2019, the exhibition With Martine Carol and Lola Montès at the Villa les Palmiers. Story of a shoot (Nice, 1955) retraces with force documents, photos, costumes this shooting which occupied the studios of the Victorine in Nice in April of that year. There are also news articles about Martine Carol's career.

In the mid-1950s, Martine Carol could not have realized it: she is the symbol of the end of an era in French cinema. Always well coiffed without the hair is never allowed to fly in the wind, dressed so as to highlight his chest but still with the impression that the body is imprisoned, Martine Carol corresponded to a post-war not yet released from proprieties.

After the commercial failure of Lola Montèsshe will continue to shoot but especially in works of lesser importance. The fatal blow will be carried by another blonde, a young woman who was blowing a wind of freedom as sensual as sexual. In a few films, Brigitte Bardot replaced all blondes and a lot of brunettes brought French cinema into a new era, that of eroticism assumed. Bardot was the "girl" and all the others suddenly became "madames"!

The private life of Martine Carol, who remained for her audience "Caroline Cherie" the title of one of his first films, was marked by multiple marriages and several suicide attempts. Her death from a heart attack in 1967 remains quite mysterious and there is still some doubt that she may have committed suicide.


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