Martins Dukurs would present the award for the best athlete of the year to Mairis Briedis

It has already been reported that tennis player Anastasia Sevastova and skeletonist Martins Dukurs were named the best athletes of Latvia in 2019 at the “Latvian Sports of the Year Award 2019” ceremony on Thursday.

Sevastova has won the award for the second year in a row and for the second time in her career, but for Dukur it is already the sixth award and the first after a three-year break.

“It seems to me this is the fourth time. I definitely remember the first one, but the others are like a fog,” Dukurs said after receiving the “Best Athlete of the Year” award. “This award is not an end in itself, but an appreciation of my starts and work.”

Dukurs also said that this award was deserved, because the achievements last season were commendable.

“In terms of results, I think it deserves it. The beginning was a definite scandal, but once the prize is won – everyone expects it from you. Last season there were many things that had to be overcome, but in the end the result was what it was. a little surprised, “said the most titled Latvian skeletonist.

The skeletonist has received numerous awards in his career, but in a conversation with journalists, Dukurs said that it is impossible to get used to the awards.

“The first prize will definitely be remembered, because such an evaluation is unprecedented. Each prize is different, because the year started from scratch and draws a new line, new goals and new challenges,” Dukurs was grateful for his sixth “Best Athlete of the Year” award.

Dukurs is also a fan of other sports, so he didn’t have to think for a long time which athlete he would give this award to if he couldn’t get it himself.

“The prize could definitely be given to Mairis Briedis, although now is a controversial moment for his move in the fight against Krzysztof Glovacki. “They would be awarded this prize for a brilliant start to the European Championships, even though many felt they were ‘shot’.”

“The ladies also went to the Olympic qualifying tournament in China and laid out all the cards. I think that such a performance on their part was a good reason to think about their possible future achievements as well. I really think they should get the prize.”

Both beach volleyball players had previously expressed the opinion in the program “Sports Studio” that they did not support their nominations in the individual award “Best Athlete of the Year”. Dukurs also agreed with this opinion.

“Honestly, I found it a little strange, because initially one was nominated, but then another. It is clear that one person will receive this nomination, so none of them would get this award. I think it was superfluous to include them in this nomination, “The skeletonist expressed his position. “Yes, maybe one athlete had a better tournament than the other, but it is clear that without his partner, the other would not be in the final.”

“I could say that in this case, the award ceremony was not very successful.”

Tennis player Alona Ostapenko, weightlifter Rebekah Koha, as well as beach volleyball players Tīna Graudiņa and Anastasia Kravčenoka also applied for the award for the best athlete. Mairis Briedis, a boxer, Oskars Ķibermanis, a bobsled player, Dainis Krištopāns, a handball player, and Kaspars Stupelis, a sidecar motocross carrier, were also among the finalists.

Last season, Martin Dukurs became a six-time world champion and a ten-time European gold medalist. He took third place in the overall World Cup standings, but in his career as a whole, Dukurs triumphed in this rating eight times.

He also has two Olympic silver awards at his expense – in Vancouver in 2010 and four years later in Sochi.

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