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Ma’ruf Invites People to Prevent Osteoporosis with a Healthy Lifestyle

Merdeka.com – vice President Ma’ruf Amin revealed, porous bone disease or osteoporosis is still a public health problem in the world, especially in developing countries. For this reason, the National Movement Against Osteoporosis must receive support from all levels of society in the country.

“This movement is not only aimed at treating but more importantly prevention, both with sports activities and good nutrition every day,” he said while attending the launching of the National Movement Against Osteoporosis which was held virtually, Saturday (23/10).

Ma’ruf lays out, based on data the World Health Organization (WHO) and International osteoporosis Federation (IOF)There are more than 200 million people with osteoporosis in the world. And 50 percent of fractures are caused by osteoporosis which can lead to lifelong disability and death.

“Even WHO has declared osteoporosis as a silent disease which is a real threat to world health,” he said.

Ma’ruf continued, the prevalence of osteoporosis in Indonesia was recorded in women aged 50-80 years by 23 percent. Then, the age of 70-80 years by 53 percent.

“Meanwhile, the prevalence of spinal fractures was found to be 9 percent in women and 16 percent in men,” he said.

Therefore, said Ma’ruf, osteoporosis in Indonesia needs serious attention, considering that this disease does not only affect the majority of women who have gone through menopause. But it can also attack anyone, including the younger age group.

“Osteoporosis can be prevented through the Healthy Living Community Movement by maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular physical activity, not consuming alcohol, not smoking, consuming balanced nutrition, especially those containing high calcium and vitamin D, as well as early detection to maintain bone health for a better future. more productive,” he said. (mdk/rhm)

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