Maryla Rodowicz betrayed? Maria Szawłowska testified against her in court

Maryla Rodowicz went straight from Opole to the court, where another divorce hearing was held. She met a friend there – Maria Szawłowska, who testified against her in court.

Maryla Rodowicz is in the middle of a divorce that has been going on for several years. The star straight from Opole, where she performed on the stage of the amphitheater, went to the court to take part in the next hearing. The star was accompanied by her daughter, husband Andrzej Dużyński, a longtime friend of the singer – Maria Szawłowska. The journalist testified against her.

Maryla Rodowicz betrayed by a friend?

The singer knew for a long time that Maria Szabłowska would testify against Rodowicz. Anyway, the singer herself decided to change the nature of the trial and rule on the blame, so it was clear that the husband would call their mutual friends as witnesses. The journalist Maria Szabłowska, the author of the biography of Maryla Rodowicz, was on his side.

In one of the earlier interviews, the singer noted that her friend knew everything about her. When the star found out that Szabłowska would testify, she stated that she was “from the enemy camp”. She now claims that her participation in the hearing was nothing special and by no means even meant that their relationship was worsening. In an interview with “Fakt” she said:

Maryla Rodowicz: my husband makes me poor

We haven’t broken up relations at all. We still like each other very much and we are friends. It wasn’t any testimony that would burden me. Her story was very favorable. Anyway, she would have to lie to burden me. She said how it was, and it was neither unpleasant nor aggravating for me“- she confessed.

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The next hearing is scheduled for December.


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