Maserati Grecale preview: Stelvio’s cousin SUV with trident and electric motors too [render] – News

Maserati has been talking a lot in recent months, even for what is promised new Grecale SUV. Beautiful? Certainly, it is a new Maserati model that is born for 2021 and will be on the road soon after, at the 2022 price list. How can it not be pleasant to see a new model of the Trident.

An SUV sporty as the Italian brands are rightly destined to embody. See Alfa Stelvio, see Urus, see the future king of all big sports vehicles, the FUV.

But the new Maserati Grecale, which will also be integral and, if desired, as well electric, what shape will it take exactly? A first render shows the grille and vertical headlights, with references to the MC20. Under the hood of the most attractive models, the 2.0 four-cylinder turbo engine is expected to push up to 350 hp.


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