Mask not mandatory for those who completed vaccine | Those who have been vaccinated do not need a mask; U.S. with new guidelines for granting exemptions

New York: The U.S. has granted exemptions to U.S. residents who have completed two doses of vaccination based on a study showing that people who have been vaccinated are less likely to spread the virus. ‘Masks are not mandatory when vaccinated persons go out alone or with those who have been vaccinated. But the new guidelines also say that masks should be worn in crowded places and indoors.

President Joe Biden has come out in support of the new guidelines. Accepting the vaccine is a patriotic act. “It helps protect you and those around you,” he said.

People who have been vaccinated for at least two weeks can go out without a mask to eat and exercise. The center said 41 percent of the population had received the first dose of the vaccine. About 95 million people in the United States have been fully vaccinated so far.


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