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From this Saturday, new restrictions will apply in the canton of St.Gallen due to the sharp rise in the number of cases. The government is introducing these where the most people are currently infected, at private events and in bars and clubs. For the time being, the following applies until December 31, 2020: In clubs, bars and concert halls you can only consume while sitting and dancing is prohibited. A mask requirement applies to events with more than 30 people and generally for the catering staff.

RADIO TOP wanted to know from the St.Galler health director Bruno Damann how the government justifies and wants to control the measures:


Mask compulsory for groups of 30 people or more

At public and private events of 30 or more people, all participants must now wear a mask. The mask requirement also applies to groups of under 30 people if the distance requirements cannot be adhered to. This regulation does not apply to schools.

Ban on dancing in clubs and bars

Contact tracing data has shown that contagion occurs while dancing. The government therefore bans dance events. This applies in publicly accessible facilities and companies as well as at public events, especially for dancing in clubs, discos, dance halls, salsa clubs and bars.
Dancing is still allowed in fitness studios, sports clubs, dance schools and similar publicly accessible facilities and businesses if the minimum distance can be maintained. Professional dance performances as part of events and rehearsals are also permitted.

Seat obligation when consuming

At the same time, guests in clubs and bars have to consume their drinks and food while sitting. With this, the government wants to prevent people in bars and clubs from having close and numerous contacts.
With this restriction, bars and clubs can receive their guests in the same way as in restaurants. In order to guarantee equal treatment of all catering establishments, the general decree of September 25, 2020 is no longer valid. Bars and clubs no longer have to record and check the detailed contact details of their guests. It is sufficient to enter the contact details of one person per table. In addition, the staff in the catering industry must now wear a face mask. Face visors are not allowed.

Contact-Tracing-Team ausgebaut

The health department announced on Wednesday that it would employ up to ten more tracers as an immediate measure. Because of the high number of cases, the number of questions from the population is also increasing. The Infoline will therefore be operated today until 8 p.m. and on weekends at least until October 30, 2020.

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