Masked Singer: Marieke Elsinga knows Astronaut

Tonight it is time again The Masked Singer! Of course we will tell you later which candidates had to take off their masks. However, we can speculate first! For example about the identity of the Astronaut.

“If this isn’t you then I’ll quit”

Marieke Elsinga is very sure! One of her Qmusic colleagues is participating The Masked Singer. Marieke suspects that her radio partner Mattie Valk is hiding in the Astronaut’s suit! Or well, ‘suspects’… Marieke is so sure that she even dares to bet her career on it! She decided to put Mattie on fire in the Qmusic morning show: “If you are not in this astronaut suit, then I will quit this program. I just signed again for three years, but if this isn’t you, I’ll quit. Then you’re back with the baked pears. “

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