Mass. Man left the cruise due to coronavirus fears, refused reimbursement – NBC Boston

A February Caribbean cruise was something Yi Zhao and Greg O’Brien from Provincetown, Massachusetts were really looking forward to.

“About a week before departure, we received an email from the shipping company saying that if anyone had been to mainland China within 14 days of sailing, it will not be possible to embark,” said O’Brien.

The cruise line notification stated that it was closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and that passengers who had provided proof of travel to China would receive a full refund of all money paid for the Holland America line. Yi had visited his family in China for the new year and was not eligible to sail, so he called Holland America to get a refund.

“They said, ‘We’re sorry, even if we don’t let you take the trip, because you booked through the charter company, the charter company has to start the whole process,” “said Zhao.

Zhao had paid over $ 5,000 for the trip to the charter company, RSVP Vacations, but says customer service wouldn’t accept a refund.

“They kept saying,” It’s a government problem, we can’t give you your money back, “said Zhao.

“We said we have to talk to someone else, and he was a little rude, and he said, ‘I am there’ ‘,” said O’Brien.

The couple then turned to NBC10 Boston Responds for help.

“Half an hour later, Leslie came back to me, and I’m like ‘Wow, it’s Johnny on the spot’,” said Greg. “He’s taking this seriously, and it was a really good feeling. There was someone on our team.”

NBC10 Boston Responds has contacted Atlantis Events, the parent company of RSVP Vacations and the managing director, Rich Campbell, told us: “As agents for our cruise lines, we transparently support their policies and in situations like we will of course grant full refunds if a guest is not allowed to travel. I personally replied to Mr. Zhao and assured him that if he could provide the correct documentation of his recent trip to China, he would be entitled to a full refund according to the policy. from Holland America. “

Zhao provided the paperwork and was told that his $ 5,158 refund is being processed. O’Brien claims that NBC10 Boston Responds did the trick.

Many countries are now affected by the coronavirus. If you have booked an international trip and wish to cancel or reschedule, you must contact your travel agent or the company you booked with to find out what your options are.

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