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Matthew McConaughey rape victim: the actor confides

Do you know McConnaissance? This term, a contraction of “McConaughey” and “rebirth”, has been used since 2014 to describe the turnaround in the career of Matthew McConaughey, from “young handsome” subscriber to romantic comedies to one of the most recognized actors of his generation, reinvented by demanding creations such as the agonizing series True Detective or the heartbreaking film of Christopher Nolan Interstellar.

His weathered face, carved with a billhook, his icy blue eyes, his well-defined musculature and his ability to wear the costume like no one else have also makes Matthew McConaughey a symbol of masculinity, and an icon of manly pubs touting luxury cars or men’s perfumes.

At 50, the Texan actor is in the sky. He has just published in the United States his memoirs, entitled Greenlights, in which he looks back on his atypical life and reveals, among other things, having been raped in his youth.

Matthew McConaughey was raped

As the British media relay Metro, Matthew McConaughey reports two sexual violence during his teenage years.

“I was blackmailed into having my first sexual relationship when I was 15. […]

When I was 18, I was sexually assaulted by a man in the back of his van, who hit me until I lost consciousness. “

The actor does not dwell on these events, which are scattered among other elements of his life – injuries, his relationship to fatherhood, the death of his father in full love with his mother … The list goes on. .

He evokes the guilt he felt, linked to his religion, after the rape suffered at 15: “I was sure I would go to hell because I had sex before marriage. Today, I’m pretty sure I hope it won’t. “

Matthew McConaughey does not say more about this sexual violence, just by mentioning it, it sends a very strong message to men who, like him, have been raped.

When rape victims speak out

In 2017, after the #MeToo tornado, madmoiZelle published Is the taboo around men victims of sexual violence disappearing? : many men, more or less famous, had spoken of the rapes or touching they suffered, in a release of speech until then unpublished.

Although the vast majority of sexual violence affects women, these men exist, and it is important to listen, to respect their experiences, in order to fight together against the culture of rape.

Matthew McConaughey is not the first actor to speak about the sexual violence inflicted on him: Shia LaBeouf revealed to have been raped during an artistic installation, Brendan Fraser accused journalist Philip Berk for having sexually assaulted him… testimonies sometimes received with irony and disrespect. The more words are released, the more the subject will be taken seriously, the more anonymous who identify with these stories will know that they are not alone.

It is difficult toimagine a symbol of masculinity like Matthew McConaughey confess to having suffered sexual violence ten years ago, twenty years ago, at the risk of to see oneself “devirilized”, at the risk of not believing him, that we put the blame and shame on him, the victim, that we laugh at his experience.

Rape of men exists, and we must talk about it

These confessions in his memories send a strong signal: that we can be raped as a man, that we do not have to feel guilty, that we do not have to be silent, that does not make less virile, less “man”. The actor even associates a reassuring message with it, recalling that this violence has not ruined his life and his right to happiness:

« I never felt like a victim. A lot of things prove to me that the world conspires to make me happy. “

Note that it also acts to fight against rape culture : in 2016, he participated in a program created by the University of Texas, SURE WALK, by bringing students back to their homes to prevent them from being in danger on campus after the evenings.

The company is moving towards better recognition of rape victims, of all rape victims. With his memoirs, Matthew McConaughey lends a helping hand to this much-needed development. And it’s more than« alright alright alright », like gait.

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