Matthias Schoenaerts conjures beheaded Leopold II on an apartment building in Ostend

Graffiti artist and actor Matthias Schoenaerts worked on the painting for 2 nights. With the work he wants to make a statement about colonialism and the mismanagement of Leopold II in Congo. Lately, the statue of Leopold II on the seawall has been widely criticized for glorifying him, while many Congolese were treated horribly on the rubber plantations under his policy. “King Leopold II has meant a lot to Ostend”, says Mayor Bart Tommelein, “he had very progressive ideas about the development of our city. But there is indeed the other side. And we should be aware of that. work by Matthias Schoenaerts we open up the dialogue. ”

The mural is part of “The Crystal Ship”, a trail with impressive graffiti works in and around Ostend.

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