Maturity 2020, it will not be a normal exam. But better in class than at home

We give the graduates an oral exam in flesh and blood. Inside their school, with their teachers gathered to listen to them. Let’s take this commitment immediately and put it among the priorities, alongside economic aid to families, serological tests and the calendar of company reopenings, the writer Paolo Giordano wrote ten days ago on the Courier, challenging the government to do an act of courage and to try to organize the examination of the 2020 maturity live. After all, it is a little less than 500 thousand children, of age, who on different days and times during the month from June 17 to mid-July must reach their school for an interview of about an hour with the six professors in their class plus the committee chair.

The protocol

According to Giordano, a possible challenge. And so thinks the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina, who has put the ministry technicians to work on the topic: she wants a health protocol to be submitted to the Higher Institute of Sanit to get the ok: masks, distancing, shifts, cleaning repeated it does not seem very complicated to find a solution: there are spaces for this in schools. It’s a shame – the students underline – for a solitary maturity because neither friends nor anxious parents will be able to participate in the ritual. But certainly the exam – however shortened and reduced to the bone – would have the dignity of a Maturit exam.

The infections

Even Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte seemed to agree on Sunday evening at the press conference, in which by answering a question he quickly mentioned the topic. Some doubt obviously still remains and concerns the possibility of moving especially in the days of the exam: much will depend on how the Phase 2 experiments that begin next week will go. If the possibility of moving is confirmed, the examination will also be done in presence.


Calendar constraints, off-site teacher, classrooms. Because Italy says no to returning to class
Why do others reopen and we don’t?
The risks of the home exam

Would an online exam be better or less risky then? From a security point of view probably s. And in fact in the decree that these days must be converted into law by the Senate, the hypothesis of an exam via electronic means present. But it is not indifferent in the choice that no experimentation has ever been carried out on this method. Not only is there the risk that the exam will turn into an unprecedented cheating and copying test: who controls the room, the presence of someone who also helps via whatsapp to gain the answers? Not only what happens if a student does not have the line, or the exam is interrupted: to those who answer that after all it would only be a test of what university exams will look like next year, it is easy to reply that maturity is not a University exam.

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