Maturity 2020: oral at the start with choice of question, we will talk about coronavirus. The test is worth a maximum of 40/100

The question of your choice

In liaison, the minister revealed other details that will be contained in the order coming in the coming weeks. It is confirmed that the exam will still start on June 17 and will be in the classroom. To begin with, the student will choose what to talk about. Not a term paper, says Minister Lucia Azzolina. But we don’t miss much. The oral exam of Maturit 2020, the only residual evidence of the state exam, will begin with a topic of your choice on the subject (Greek and Latin, mathematics and physics, foreign languages) that the student will have agreed beforehand with his professors, who they are the 6 commissioners who will judge them.

We will talk about the coronavirus

In the second part of the interview there will also be questions about school-work alternation, while for Citizenship and Constitution we will talk about coronaviruses: I would like teachers to listen to what the boys have to say about these months that they spent indoors at home. Azzolina defended the decision to close the schools: We did it to defend the students.

In September, the bell

As for the return to school in September, Azzolina explains that the options for resuming the school year are different. In September I want to hear the bell ringing again.

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